Welcome to Olive Harvest Season at Almazara Maitino!

Hello to all olive oil enthusiasts! At Almazara Maitino, we are thrilled to announce that a new olive harvest season has begun.

This is a special time for us and our passionate customers as together, we partake in creating one of the world’s most exquisite extra virgin olive oils.

Get ready to dive into the world of premium quality olive oil!

Olive Harvesting: An Art in Itself

Olive harvesting is a pivotal process in the production of our high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Every year, when autumn arrives, our fields are ready to harvest this golden fruit. At Almazara Maitino, we understand that the quality of our oil begins at the moment of olive harvesting.

We employ both traditional methods and cutting-edge technology to ensure that each olive is carefully selected and treated with the utmost care.

Can an Individual Bring Their Olives to Almazara?

We love the idea of our customers actively participating in this special process. That’s why we’ve designed a unique experience where you can bring us your olives, and we’ll handle all the processes so you can enjoy a unique oil, the fruit of your effort and work.

Currently, we have a set schedule for olive harvesting at Almazara: Mornings from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM // Evenings from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Located at Maitino, Polígono 2, Nº4, 03295 Elche, Alicante. You can also reach us at the following phone number: +34 966 614 237, and be sure to follow us on social media to stay updated on any news.

Useful FAQs for Olive Harvesting:

  • When is the best time for olive harvesting? The best time is typically late autumn when the olives are at their peak ripeness.
  • Which olive variety is most suitable for oil? It depends on your flavor preferences. Consult our team for personalized advice.
  • How is quality ensured in olive harvesting? Our expertise and meticulous care at every step of the process are the keys to maintaining quality.

At Almazara Maitino, olive harvesting is more than just a process; it’s a passion. It’s the first step toward creating exceptional extra virgin olive oils. We invite you to join us in this exciting season and discover the magic behind every drop of our oil. Our commitment to quality and tradition has earned us numerous awards over the years, and we’re ready to share our passion with you. And if you prefer, you can also try our products in our online store.

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